Tea Filters - Size 3

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The easiest and utterly most brilliant way to enjoy a variety of loose leaf teas (we use them all the time) are the T-Sacs, or empty tea bags.

We find size 3 the best, as they fit perfectly in either a mug or a teapot and give the leaves plenty of space to do that thing that they do best - which is, make tea, obviously.

Each box contains 100 paper (chlorine free) Tea filters that can be used without a holder, and an added bonus, they're 100% recyclable, so once you're done, pop in the food recycle bin, or chuck it on your compost!

Added tip, if you're using them with a Green or White tea and fancy using the leaves a couple of times, pop it on a small plate once you've brewed your brew and pop it back in your cup or pot to brew the brew again. (we feel like there should be at least one more 'brew' in there somewhere)...brew.