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Please note: from the 15th November 2021 we will cease the 'Tea' part of Tea Ink.

Once we have the right permissions etc, we'll post a link on our front page for an external online supplier!

Black leaf OP blended with freeze dried orange, papaya and pineapple, plus cornflower and calendula petals.

The OP stands for Orange Pekoe.

Brew Temperature: 100C 

Brew Time: 2-3 Minutes, but you can play around with this one.  If you like a light but really tasty cup you can use the leaves a couple of times (a bit like a green tea) so brew it for less than a minute, or longer for a full cup. 

To Milk or Not to Milk? Sure, go for it, but you'll want to brew the leaves for a little longer (depending on taste) for the milk to do its thing.